Mobile Websites and Mobile Marketing

If you’re looking to expand your business online, mobile websites and mobile marketing are important to consider. Mobile devices make up over half of the internet’s traffic. While web browsing has traditionally been associated with desktop computers, today’s consumers use their smartphones and tablets to access the web. Mobile website design allows you to give your customers a better experience.

The younger generation is more likely to use mobile devices to access the web and to convert. In contrast, older generations use laptops, desktops, and other computers. Their intent is usually limited to information access. Moreover, they tend to use their smartphones only in emergency situations. As a result, the content of their websites should be adapted accordingly.

The purpose of a mobile website is to entice visitors to convert. The retention rate of mobile apps is low, so developers must think of creative ways to engage users and create excitement. One way is to display a badge icon on a page to let users know that there are messages, offers, or notifications waiting for them.

Mobile marketing must cater to the mobile audience because it is the largest audience and is expected to grow. Therefore, all information needs to be mobile-friendly, accessible in the right format, and be short and sweet. While the traditional methods of marketing were long-winded and image heavy, the mobile platform requires minimal content. In comparison, a small image or a few words must convey the product or service and lead the prospect through the sales funnel.

Lastly, it is important to remember that people’s attention spans are short, and most of them will not wait for a slow-loading page. Even a few seconds delay in loading a mobile page can cost up to 20% of conversions. Hence, it’s crucial to optimize for speed by reducing the file size and lazy-loading pages.

For a mobile site to be successful, it must deliver its visitors to the product page or offer. It must also make the checkout process seamless and quick. It needs to have the capability to provide customer support. A chatbot, for example, can provide instant customer support to a mobile user. A chatbot can be created easily using an online cloud service, and it can be scaled to your business’ needs. Furthermore, mobile marketing needs to be customer-centric. Text messaging and photo messaging are effective ways to attract mobile customers. When done right, SMS marketing can boost sales dramatically.

Mobile Websites and Mobile Marketing are important to every business’s online presence. While many businesses are using traditional web-based efforts to reach consumers, mobile marketing is an increasingly important part of business development. By leveraging the omnipresence of mobile devices, mobile marketing campaigns can be more effective and targeted for businesses.

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