25 Best & Highest Paying Trade School Jobs (In-Demand)

The most lucrative and rewarding trade jobs have some points in common. They’re sought-after, they are taught in a reasonable amount time, and can be very rewarding.

This list covers every one of the trade school opportunities to consider if seeking a low-cost route to a steady career.

What is the significance of Trade School Careers?

The most lucrative trade school jobs are sought-after and usually don’t require a traditional four-year college degree. The requirements for these jobs are higher than an undergraduate degree However, the type of training you’ll need is focused on the specific work. Trade schools also provide courses in vocational training that help you prepare for high-paying and in-demand positions.

These programs focus on the abilities required for the specific job. If you’re pursuing a career as an electrician or a pipefitter vocational courses are more specific than traditional bachelor’s degree programs. There aren’t any electives or studies in the liberal arts to complete. All you learn directly aids you in your area of study.

A more specific education can give you the necessary skills to be successful on in your career. The hands-on method allows you to easily enter the field immediately after graduating from trade school. However, jobs at trade schools offer plenty of opportunities to grow.

1. Electrician

Electricians are in constant demand, making them one of the most desirable job opportunities you can explore. They’re accountable in the design, inspection installations, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems. As electricians, you’ll be able to do everything from brand-new commercial constructions to rewiring existing houses to bring them to standards.

It is an type of trade which can pay you around $56,000 annually. More importantly, you could start earning quickly.

Alongside trade school, electricians receive for on-the-job training as well as several months of apprentice. The educational process is longer than other occupations at trade schools however there is plenty of potential for growth and advancement in the future.

2. Real Estate Appraiser

Appraisers of real estate earn an average of $58,500 annually. The position is extremely versatile. You don’t need to be involved directly in sales or be employed by an estate agency.

Many appraisers aid investors as well as property managers and all other entities with landholdings.

Appraisers offer objective estimates of value with their deep understanding of the real estate market and local market. The job at a trade school requires a keen eye for particulars and excellent interpersonal abilities to be successful.

3. Dental Hygienist

If you’re interested in working in a professional workplace earning an above average annual wage, being a dental hygienist could be the best option. Hygienists make an average that is around $77,000.

Their work is to perform under the direction of dentists to wash teeth, take x-rays and much more. Specialists in preventative oral health dental hygienists play an significant role in the education of patients. The majority of patients have more interaction with the hygienists as opposed to visiting the dentist an appointment.

Alongside the proper instruction and training, dentists hygiene professionals need to obtain a valid license for their state in order to practice.

4. Home Inspector

As a house inspector, your responsibility is to examine your work to make sure it’s carried out in compliance with local regulations. The aim is to find possible issues that could lead to an injury to your health or safety. Inspectors pay attention to detail, and often spot tiny issues that repair or maintenance professionals or contractors do not notice.

Inspectors earn around $52,000 in a each year. They must have an knowledge of construction techniques, plumbing along with electrical work, and many more. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs for tradesmen since they’re usually in high the market for.

5. HVAC Technician

Everyone has HVAC technician to be grateful for the comfortable offices and homes. If you’re considering becoming an HVAC technician, you’ll need to finish a vocational training program as well as on-the-job training. The job at this school of trades includes installing, repairing and maintaining complicated cooling and heating systems.

As plumbers and electricians, HVAC technicians have a variety of work settings and are often able to complete tasks in residential, offices, commercial areas, and much more. HVAC technicians can refine their skills into a particular specialization, which can lead to greater pay and a higher demand for continuous expansion.

The median annual pay of an HVAC Technician is about $50,000.

6. Radiation Therapist

This is one of the most lucrative jobs in the trade that people do not even think about. Radiotherapy therapists collaborate closely with patients with cancer or other illnesses. Their duties are to review the treatment plan, utilize devices to administer treatment, and also monitor patients.

It’s a job that has many facets and various routes available. Many find work in hospitals. However, radiation therapists may be employed in outpatient treatment clinics, physician offices and many more.

The median salary for an RT is approximately $86,000.

7. Pipefitter

Contrary to popular opinion pipefitters aren’t the equivalent to plumbers. Their expertise can cross and focus on the construction of pipes.

It’s not just associated with water or bathroom fixtures. Pipefitters are often employed in commercial or industrial locations to construct pipeline networks that can transport anything from oil to chemicals.

With a pay that is close to $55,000, pipefitters put their abilities to the test. They spend their time cutting, threading, or making pipes to conform to the specifications of blueprints.

8. Construction Manager

Another job which pays well and has room for growth. A construction manager makes an impressive 97,000 dollars per year, on an average.

The title suggests Construction managers oversee massive construction projects. Their tasks are more intricate than many people realize. Not only do they manage different teams and subcontractors, they also need to create estimates, interact with clients, solve issues and much more.

9. Landscape Architect

Anyone who is passionate about nature could find themselves in a fulfilling career as a landscape designer. In this profession you’ll create and design practical outdoor areas. You could work in the public park system, on college campuses or even commercial private zones.

The job is much more complicated than the job of a landscape architect. Apart from selecting the appropriate plant and structure you must conduct feasibility tests, collect soil samples, handle drainage, and deal with budgetary concerns.

The position pays approximately $69,000 per year and requires state-issued licensing.

10. Plumber

Plumbers are the ideal job for anyone looking for a high-demand that you can learn at school. Everybody requires plumbing at least once in their lives! They’re the core of the modern plumbing infrastructure , and they do lots to ensure our homes are in good condition.

As plumbers, you will be able to tackle a range of tasks. You could work on brand new constructions to install pipes and fixtures. Also, you could call your home to repair leaks that have occurred in the last minute!

Whatever the reason the fact is that this is among the top trade jobs because of the security it offers. The annual average earnings is approximately $56,000.

11. Wind Turbine Technician

Wind energy is getting more and more sought-after each year, which makes wind turbine technicians among the most lucrative trade jobs that you can get. This career path will earn you about $56,000 annually.

A technician working on wind turbines’ job is to ensure the maintenance of the equipment which helps us find renewable energy sources. Training will include how to fix various parts. This doesn’t only cover the turbines. Technicians are also employed at substations, transmission systems and much more.

12. Rotary Drill Operator

For a per-year income of approximately 54,000 dollars, one can be an operator of rotary drills. This job is focused on drilling deep into the earth to get access to the gas or oil. It’s a challenging job that requires a thorough understanding of heavy equipment as well as the intricate nature of drilling for oil.

The majority of your education is through on-the-job learning following vocational courses. This means that you’ll be able to get started in your career quickly.

13. Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Automobile mechanics are a dime a dozen. However, not many have the ability to operate heavy machinery such as excavators, cranes, and other equipment that is used to complete large-scale projects. They’re also highly sought-after and make it among the most rewarding trades to study.

A mechanic who works on heavy equipment is taught the techniques and nuances of these huge-scale feats engineering. They also use automated tools to make it easier to diagnose and monitoring.

This is a career where you could make an annual average income of approximately $55,000.

14. Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist works with lung conditions and airways. Similar to a radiation therapist this field is specialized on a particular area of medical treatment.

If this is an occupation you’d like follow, you’ll collaborate with patients to assess the lung capacity, blood oxygen and much more. It is also possible to create treatment plans that will make a significant difference. Respiratory therapists be employed in diagnostic labs, hospitals as well as pulmonary rehabilitation clinics and many more.

The median wage is $62,800.

15. Geological and Hydrological Technician

The trade school position is certainly messy however, it pays well and gives you an amazing job experience. The median annual earnings is $76,000.

As a hydrological or geological technician, your job is to locate, recognize as well as extract the natural resource. It could be coal, gas, oil and many other things.

It’s a math-intensive job that involves collecting samples, conducting tests and searching all over the world to locate a drilling site that is feasible.

16. Boilermaker

The boilermakers, the unspoken heroes that keep warm and toasty! You can imagine from the title of the job boilermakers build repairs, maintain, and assemble boiler systems. They also may operate large containers in factories, ships and other.

It’s a physically demanding profession. There’s a lot of manufacturing that is involved, which can be very exhausting.

If you’re ready for the task, this career can make you more than $65,000 per year.

17. Utility Technician Utility Technician

This is another trade profession that’s under-appreciated that we depend on each day. The technicians of the power utilities (also called electric power line technicians) manage the power transmission system in the local area.

In this highly skilled profession you’ll be climbing up high-voltage powerlines in order to fix them and keep electricity flowing to homes businesses and even schools. This is a job that’s fast-paced and could put you in challenging situations.

It’s also rewarding in situations where your assistance is urgently needed. A technician at a power utility typically earns $65,500 a year.

18. Civil Engineering Technician

Civil engineering is the art of designing infrastructure projects. If this sounds like a lot of ambiguity you’re right because this job is extremely adaptable. The tasks can include industrial, commercial, or residential construction. It all depends on the type of work engineers are hired to perform.

As an engineer for civil engineering the job you will be assigned is to aid. Common responsibilities could include examining detailed plans, cross-referencing information with local codes estimates of costs, and much more.

An average civil engineer earns around $53,000 per year.

19. Medical Sonographer

Medical sonographers play a crucial function for healthcare. They are the ones who operate the equipment which creates images of patient’s internal organs. Sonographers, for instance, are those who examine fetuses of pregnant women, examine heart issues in patients, and so on.

If you are a physician sonographer you collect the images needed by doctors to identify potentially life-saving conditions. This profession can pay an average of $63,000 per year.

20. Fiber Optics Technician

If you’re looking to discuss jobs in the field of trade that are popular then look no further than Fiber optics specialists. Fiber optics is the process of increasing the accessibility for broadband connectivity. They’re accountable for providing the speedy Internet that you depend on every day.

Technicians are responsible for the create, installing, repairing, and maintaining the infrastructure of telecommunications. If you choose to work in this field, you can expect an annual average salary of approximately $61,000.

21. Aviation mechanic

If you are a fan of flight and technology which allows it you should consider being aviation mechanic. Also called an airplane mechanic the position pays a salary of approximately $67,000.

The career path at a trade school is a crucial one. Your task is to keep up with equipment and make sure that flights run without any issues. It is possible to work for private hangars, commercial airlines or even work for the military.

22. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

The job at a trade school is definitely a mouthful. However, like wind turbine technicians solar installers have been helping to pave the path towards sustainable energy in the coming years. These jobs become more popular with each passing year, which means there are ample growth opportunities.

Solar photovoltaic installers install as well as maintains solar system. It could require climbing up some hot roofs, or even working in an enormous solar farm. Whatever the case, it’s an exciting career is possible to get into with on-the-job education.

The median salary is around $45,000 per year.

23. Millwright

There are many options to become a millwright. You can take an educational program that is vocational or get the opportunity to learn on the job. In either case, the career path for students in trade schools is multifaceted and filled with possibilities.

Millwrights are those who is able to assemble, maintain, and fixes heavy machinery. As millwrights, you’ll likely be working in an industrial environment. You’ll be in charge of the machinery that many processes depend on every day.

This job you could earn around $55,000 per year.

24. Elevator & Escalator Contractor

Anything that transports people requires experienced hands to keep it running. Elevators and escalators can be no exception!

A contractor who works with elevators and escalators is able to handle the entire process of these complicated systems. They can set them up in new construction, carry out important repairs to ensure they are secure, and conduct regular maintenance or inspections.

As you’d expect it is a bit challenging, however, that is what makes it one of the most lucrative ones. It requires heights, a lot of concentration on detail, and lots of physical strength. On the plus side, you’ll be earning around $88,000 annually for the effort.

25. MRI Technician

MRI technicians are a valuable component of the wheel of modern medicine.

As technician, you utilize your abilities to use the equipment for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It’s a large scanner that can create 3D images of the patient’s body.

Many doctors utilize MRIs to determine the severity of a variety of health problems. Therefore, MRI technicians can be quite busy in their everyday lives. The average wage is around $75,000 per year.

The Benefits of pursuing Demand-Based Trade Employment

There are a variety of reasons you might want to think about pursuing an employment opportunity in the trades.

Many people believe that the only path to secure a good-paying job is to attend traditional colleges. This is far off the mark! Many lucrative skills-based trades will allow you to earn a good existence.

In addition, the best jobs in trade have an impressive level of durability. Trades with a high level of skill are always in high demand and some of them are expected to witness significant growth over the years ahead as technology and power infrastructure develops.

Another advantage worth noting is the money you will need to make. Trade school programs are less expensive than traditional four-year college degree. It is common to pay less for completing a degree and this can result in less student debt.

There’s even more.

Students who are interested in trade jobs can get into the field right away. If it’s through the entry-level positions, on-the job training or apprenticeship, you’ll be paid early, while you continue to develop your abilities.

It’s a win-win for everyone when you come across something that is worth your time you will get all the satisfaction and gratitude you desire.

What is the time frame to complete a Trade School?

The exact timing will vary between programs and the next. In general the trade school program will take just 2 years. Some take even less time, which allows students to begin their studies in just one year!

It is important to remember that trade schools are focused on the skills that you require to excel in the field you choose. There aren’t any classes in general education, nor are there liberal arts prerequisites. The focus is on helping you get in and out into the workforce.


Finding the top trade jobs is extremely smart when you’re seeking jobs that are in high demand and well-paying. The following list will point you towards an appropriate direction!

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