31 Best Jobs For Introverts In 2022: The Complete Guide

You’re an introvert, and you want to find the perfect job. Some positions can be quite difficult for someone who likes to be quiet.

This list contains the best job opportunities for introverts. It should be a great starting point for those who are looking for the right career.

What’s an introvert?

A person who is introverted is someone who prefers to spend less time with others and more time alone. They tend to be more reserved and thoughtful, and they prefer to avoid stressful situations. People who are introverted are more susceptible to anxiety.

Contrary to popular belief, an introvert does not have to be shy or awkward in social situations. Every person is different and each person’s personality traits may vary. Many introverts have excellent interpersonal skills and can perform the same tasks as extroverts.

They excel in roles that suit their personalities and preferences.

Some jobs require a lot of networking and collaboration. You may feel stressed and unproductive if you work in these areas if you are an introvert. This can have a negative impact on your mental health.

It is important to choose a career that best suits your interests and talents if you are introverted. You’re likely a good listener, and you can work independently without any supervision. You will have the chance to realize the full potential of what you do while maintaining your mental health, authenticity and protecting your mental health.

Let’s now look at some of the most popular jobs for introverts.

1. Data Scientist

  • Average Annual Salary: $100,560
  • Common Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science or in a Related Field in Computer Science

Data scientists are skilled at studying unstructured data. Data scientists use their knowledge to analyze, collect, and manage data in order to solve problems. Their goal is to help businesses make the best business decisions using data.

This is a dynamic field that requires focus and the ability to manage a large number of data. Because it is less noisy, it is one of the best jobs available for introverts. Data scientists work in groups.

2. Accountant

  • Average Annual Salary: $73,560
  • These are the most commonly required education requirements: A bachelor’s degree is in accounting and a Certified Public License to Accountants

Accounting professionals keep financial records in order, analyze them, and evaluate risk.

A majority of accountants work independently and rarely have to interact with clients. This field is safe and will continue growing in the future.

3. Veterinarian

  • Average Annual Salary: $96,600
  • These are the most important requirements for education: A doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and licensure for state and national regulatory agencies

Veterinarians may have to communicate with pet owners often, but the majority of their time is spent taking care of animals.

This job is flexible because of the many paths you can take. It could be a rewarding career and a source for joy for people who love animals.

4. Editor

  • Average Annual Salary: $63,400
  • Common Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree required in communication, journalism, or English.

An editor’s primary function is to read and revise written material before it is published. Editors must also ensure consistency between publications and oversee content creation.

Editing for introverts is a tedious job that requires very little face-to-face interaction. Many editors can work remotely and complete all of their tasks from their homes.

5. Paralegal

  • Average Annual Salary: $52,900
  • Most people need to be educated with an Associate or Bachelor’s degree (or a related field) in paralegal studies, or.

Paralegals can have a variety of duties.

Usually, the work involves conducting interviews and filing paperwork. You work with a team to gather information and complete paperwork.

6. Software Developer

  • Average Annual Salary: $82,900
  • Common Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or Similar Areas

Software developers often describe themselves as the most lonely job. Although they work in large teams, many are able to do their own development.

Freelancers often work remotely and work on large projects

7. Graphic Designer

  • Average Annual Salary: $53,300
  • Common Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design or Fine Arts

Digital artwork is created by graphic designers.

One of the best things about being a graphic designer is that you can work with many clients. Or, you can create your own.

Graphic design is also a great tool for freelance careers. It’s why it made our list on the most remote-friendly jobs you can find!

8. Writer

  • Average Annual Salary: $57,300
  • Common Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in English, communications, or journalism

Writing is a top job opportunity for introverts. Although there might be sessions and meetings that are collaborative, the majority of work is done alone.

Authors have many options, similar to graphic designers. Authors can work remotely and at their own pace.

9. Content Manager

  • Average Annual Salary: $58,800
  • These are the most commonly required education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in English, journalism, communications, creative writing, media studies

A content manager is responsible for directing a company’s development strategy. Authors are typically under the control of content managers.

This is a career that allows you to be creative. They can work remotely from anywhere (which is great for people who are shy).

10. Scientist

  • Average Annual Salary: $69,700
  • Common Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Science (e.g. biology, chemistry).

Being socially aware is not a requirement for academic success. Scientists do a variety of things every day, as there are many fields of study.

However, the primary focus of scientists is to conduct research and carry out experiments in order to expand your knowledge of your field of study.

11. Business Analyst

  • Average Annual Salary: $77,400
  • These are the most commonly required education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Business or Information Technology

Business analysts are essential to a business’s success. Analysts work with complex data and analysis to solve specific problems.

Our goal is to improve the bottom line of our business.

This job is great for introverts. Analysts need to be able to analyze data, make strategic recommendations and pay attention to details.

12. Pilot

  • Average Annual Salary: $121,430
  • Common Education Requirements are a Bachelor’s Degree and a valid Federal Aviation Administration license. Federal Aviation Administration

You fly in the sky to transport cargo or passengers.

No matter the situation, it requires more than the control of an airplane.

This job is great for introverts because you will be working in a small group.

13. IT Professional

  • Average Annual Salary: $67,400
  • Common Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Related Fields

IT professionals are the backbone of modern business. They manage IT systems and security throughout the company.

Most companies have an IT department that is small enough to allow them to work independently. You’ll need to communicate with people via email, chat or tickets.

14. Architect

  • Average Annual Salary: $89,560
  • Common Education requirements: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in architecture.

Architecture is a profession that allows for limited interaction with other people. The majority of their work takes place in quiet offices.

An architect’s job is to plan and design structures.

15. X-Ray Technician

  • Average Annual Salary: $63,120
  • Common Education Requirements: Associate’s degree in radiology

Many people find hospitals stressful. However, X-ray technicians are often employed in less populated areas of the hospital.

This route has many career options, but most of them don’t require social interaction or collaboration. The job of a technician is to perform the imaging and transmit the results to the next patient.

16. Actuary

  • Average Annual Salary: $113,000
  • Common Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Math, Actuary Science or Statistics

Actuaries are responsible for evaluating risk and working with numbers.

This job is data-driven, but the majority of it is done by computer.

17. Astronomer

  • Average Annual Salary: $119,700
  • Common Education requirements: Master, Bachelor, and Doctoral degrees, in astronomy, physics, or both.

Are your interests in the vastness of the universe? You will need a bachelor’s degree to enter this field. However, you’ll need ongoing training.

Astronomers are responsible for understanding the universe.

18. Engineer

  • Average Annual Salary: $83,160
  • Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in engineering

Engineers use scientific and mathematical principles to solve technical problems. Engineers are highly sought after in many sectors. There are many ways to advance your career and to change specializations as your skills improve.

Engineers are able to excel in both introvert and extrovert ways, which is a wonderful thing. This field is great for shy people who prefer working alone.

19. Landscape Designer

  • Average Annual Salary: $57,000
  • These are the most popular requirements for education: Bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture

This profession allows you to use your imagination and create plans that millions can see. Landscape designers often work with commercial properties, as well as lush plants and landscaping features.

It is important to interact with clients and contractors Design is the most important part of your job.

20. Psychologist

  • Average Annual Salary: $94,900
  • These are the most important requirements for education: A doctoral degree in psychology

Introverts are often self-aware and driven by their knowledge. Psychology is a promising career choice for many. Psychology is a behavioral study that studies thought, emotions and behavior.

Psychologists assist people with emotional disturbances by using observational, experimental, and evaluation techniques. It is rewarding to make a difference, even though it requires interaction. This is a great job for introverts because it allows you to have honest conversations with patients.

21. Auditor

  • Average Annual Salary: $56,393
  • These are the most commonly required education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Accounting

Financial issues can cause stress. Auditors use their knowledge and skills in analytics to examine documents and verify authenticity. These auditors are responsible for ensuring financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

22. Artist

  • Average Annual Salary: $49,600
  • These are the most commonly required requirements for education: Bachelor’s degree in arts and sciences

It’s a great way to control your destiny. An artist can create a space that encourages creativity and helps you to feel calm.

Artists can branch out and work in a variety of fields. More freedom for freelancers or independent contractors.

23. Photographer

  • Average Annual Salary: $43,100
  • Education requirements are the following: High School diploma and Photography classes

Photography is a great occupation for introverts who have the ability to be flexible.

Photographers can work independently or in commercial studios to produce a publication in digital or print format.

24. Systems Engineer

  • Average Annual Salary: $85,200
  • These are the most commonly required education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or other related fields of technology.

The duties and responsibilities of system engineers vary depending on the organization. Other system engineers are responsible for managing large projects’ business, engineering, and management aspects.

Communication is a vital aspect of the job. It is the process of communicating information to key people. Systems engineers can spend their time assessing and providing technical guidance to support personnel.

25. Mechanical

  • Average Annual Salary: $45,500
  • Common Education requirements: High School Diploma and relevant training for work or trade school

Without dedicated mechanics, the world wouldn’t function. It requires careful inspection, constant maintenance, and expensive repairs.

Because it doesn’t require socializing, it’s one the most rewarding jobs available for introverts. Most mechanics work alone or in tight-knit teams.

26. Translator

  • The Hourly Average Rate: $28.00-$30.00
  • These are the most important requirements for education: Bachelor’s Degree in a selected Language, Fluency, and a Valid Certificate

Translators are needed in many industries. Some translators even work for private clients.


27. Psychiatrist

  • Average Annual Salary: $236,200
  • These are the most popular requirements for education: Doctor in Medicine with a specialty in psychiatry, and residency

Many people confuse psychiatry and psychology. Psychiatry is concerned with mental health issues.

They help patients identify and select the best treatment options.

28. Social Media Marketing Manager

  • Average Annual Salary: $106,300
  • These are the most commonly required education requirements: Bachelor’s degree (in journalism, communication, or public relations)

Social media is the new king of the hill. Social marketers on the internet have to create strategies to draw in new customers and keep them interested.

They design, manage, and market brands. There is no direct collaboration between managers and staff on social media.

29. Digital Marketer

  • Average Annual Salary: $60,900
  • Common Education Requirements Marketing

You have many options, including the possibility to work remotely. These digital marketers use all media from blogs to social networks to connect with clients.

The highest priority is digital media platforms. This job is great for introverts.

30. Archivist

  • Average Annual Salary: $58,300
  • Most people need to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in history, library science, or archival studies. public administration.

Archivists maintain documents and manage archives of historical collections. Next, they decide what they will do to secure the information and organize it to make it easier to find.

Archivists work at museums, libraries, universities, and other institutions that deal in old materials.

31. Park Ranger

  • Average Annual Salary: $38,660
  • These are the most commonly required requirements for education: Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science or Environmental Management

This job is for those who love the peace and tranquility found in nature.

You will spend most of your time alone, surrounded in nature, as a park ranger.


Many people are shocked by this. However, many are surprised that certain jobs are more likely to attract introverts.

Are you an introvert? If so, you can take a look through this list. These jobs will help you find others who are.

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